Sounding Bodies – Moving Sounds

Undefined spaces, yet bodies define the strokes or the stillness.
Human minds experiencing complete freedom can create cohesive,
comprehensive dialogues transcending cultural barriers.

The shape of a sound as a trace in the action,
physical impulses resonate inside and out.
Communication, joint and individual, addresses changing constellations,
idioms clash, juxtaposed, as the hybrid forms cross barriers.

Yato hastastato drishTir yato drishTistato manah
Yato manastato bhavo yato bhavastato rasah.

Car partout où la main se déplace les yeux la suivent et là où vont les
regards la pensée les suit, et là où la pensée va le sentiment la suit et là
où va le sentiment se trouve le rasa.

Where go the hands, goes the gaze; where goes the gaze,
poses the mind; where there is mind, settle down the sentiments;
where the sentiments rule sovereign, rasa arises.


3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, 17/12/2015 (full edit)
Yuko Sasama, Junya Ishii, Kota Nagaya, Angela Stoecklin, Jan Schacher
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Photos by Steven Seidenberg and local press photographer
La Habana
sounding bodies moving sound La Habana Oct 2014
Teatro del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Habana, Cuba, 25/10/2014 – (video forthcoming)
Ihasa Vanesa, Alex Melo, Santiago Barbosa Cañon, Angela Stoecklin, Jasch
New Delhi / .ch
Alliance Française, New Delhi, 20/11/2013 (full edit, duration 24:42)
Namrata Pamnani, DaSaz, Angela Stoecklin, Jasch
Corner College, Zurich, 10/08/2014 (short edit, 11 min), for full video see at bottom of page.
Namrata Pamnani, DaSaz, Angela Stoecklin, Jasch
Sounding Bodies – Moving Sounds - 2013-2014
This project is a collaboration between dancers and musicians that live between India and Switzerland.
The dancers are Angela Stoecklin and Namrata Pamnani and the musicians are Da-saz and Jasch.

During an artistic residency in Delhi in November 2013, Angela and Jasch met Namrata and Lionel to work on a collaborative exploratory performance for the stage. Putting instant composition into the centre, the different idioms in dance and in music clash, merge, mix and generate unexpected moments of grace, conflict, communication and tension.
Full edit of Corner College Performance,
Zurich, 10. August 2014
Duration: 42:30 min