No Voro No Id
We imagine and create -
exploring gestural spaces -
capturing movements -
the intricate relationships between us -
in cells and domains of influence.
We imagine and create -
how close are you -
to reach, touch, avoid -
joined, linked and separated at the same time.
novoronoid in the dodecahedron athens sept 2014
Audio-Visual composition for the dodecahedron installation at the 2014 ICMC-SMC conference in Athens, Greece. Installation at the old National Museum of Modern Art.
No Voro No Id: video content (cropped from 5 panels to single 1920x1080, downmixed from 20 channels to stereo.)
The piece draws its sources from two influences: one in the sonic and musical field – Nono's string quartet 'Stille – an Diotima', the other in the spatial or geometric domain – the 3D Voronoi tesselations. Linked by an underlying musical gesture, recorded from an actual musical perfromance (the nodes visible in the piece are actual trackingpoints from a pianists hands), the dynamics originate both from organic and algorithmic shapes, but are ultimately composed as a time-canvas, of which only a short window becomes visible. By providing the opportunity for immersion into a mental world, the void is filled with imagination, thus reflecting the source of our being and creation.

Gallery (photos by jasch)

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