Lha Rgyal Lo
and other audio-visual compositions
An Audio-Visual composition.
First published on the SonicActs XI "The Anthology of Computer Art" DVD (2006).
Received various festival screenings between 2006-2009.

Generative Audio and Motion Graphics Processes
Lha Rgyal Lo © 2006
lha rgyal lo is a piece about perception.
what is there and what isn't.
does perception lead to a place one recognizes?
the materials for the piece were improvised using custom software built with MaxMspJitter. various processes and algorithms were used to create flowing and layered sounds and images. the main interest was in the exploratory and intuitive compositional process and attitude used for both sound and image.
lha rgyal lo is tibetan and is thought to mean "may the divine prevail" or "victory to the deities" or "success to the divine".


An Audio-Visual Composition
Published in 2005 by WORM/Rotterdam on the Live-Cinema DVD.

Generative Audio and Motion Graphics Processes

Live Cinema © 2006

SonicActs TV (2006)

An Audio-Visual Composition
Originally screened during SonicActs XI Festival 2006 Amsterdam.

Generative Audio and Motion Graphics Processes

SonicActs TV © 2006