hybrid ear – nuda

composed, hybrid sound-spaces
interactions, embodied movement and corporeality of sound

Jan Schacher ‘jasch’ contrabass, objects, voice
Pelayo Fernandez Arrizabalaga turntables, sine-generator
Beat Unternährer trombone, Fürst-Pless-Horn

`Hybrid Ear´ as a Trio have been active for many years in improvised and extended forms of sound-arts and music. In this group we reunite after our diverging musical paths cross again and we rediscover the power of dedicated sound work and interplay. This connection and the urge to discover new sonic territories lead to this collaboration.

The record originates from the realisation that taking the music from the stage to the studio requires a different mindset, a different attention. With an open attitude in the studio, the process of recording is one of discovery, concentration, but also composition and structural thinking. In a contemporary mode of improvisation, the explorative and spontaneous music is transformed into sounding places, spaces, and situations.

Thus the record is more than a mere document of a playing practice. Through intense dedication to the captured materials, pieces of a different musical qualities emerge. In the age of unlimited sound downloads and accessibility of sound files, we intend to give back to this music a sensual, concrete shape. In this phonographical form the music can flow back into our practice by becoming new source material for future musical explorations.

Recorded by Etienne Schorro at NSB rec. Baar, Switzerland
Mastered by Jeroen Visser at F.ishing B.akery L.abs, Zürich, Switzerland
Mixed and Produced by Hybrid Ear

Cover painting by Pelayo Fernandez Arrizabalaga

Rua Filipe da Mata, 95, 3oesq, 1600-070 Lisboa, PT

find it online on https://www.discogs.com/de/Hybrid-Ear-Nuda/release/10634521

download here (code protected)


1 gagarin-glenn 8:27
2 vol de nuit 5:13
3 biindli abejas pszczoly 5:09
4 nuda 0:53
5 tekno diabolik 3:31
6 alpsegen mit erlkoenig 1:42
7 airman and clockmaker 3:24
8 teatro para insectos 2:28
9 deep conversion 6:45
10 mercurio 2:54
11 interferencias 3:57
12 angeles caídos 5:41
13 tren de noche 4:01
14 aspiración 0:24
15 unter dem laub * 3:53
16 grillons 4:20

*with material from LP ‘Tubworks’ Solo-Percussion (1987) by Gerry Hemingway, used by permission