fumetto live
lights/projections by Anina and Sounds by Jasch
fumetto detail view
Live performance at the 2009 Fumetto Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Part of a series of live performances exploring sound and image interaction, this performance was based on lights/materials, live-sound and pre-selected samples. The goal was the creation of a rich audio-visual language that reflects direct actions with objects, sounds and lights on a small stage-set. The focus was on simultaneous perception of the performer actions and the electronically modified results, leading to a fusion between real and artificial, between concurrent real-time action and mediated sound and image projections

The main creation process consisted of the development of a visual and musical collection of materials, setting up the tool-set in soft- and hardware and preparing a meaningful sequence of events to create the evocation of a real-time cinema/animation piece. The exploratory approach also meant, that apart from the rough prepared sequence, a lot of the actions were intuitive and built on the perception of the momentary expression.
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