sonic & visual improvisation - a project by jasch + deKam
With their project dyad, jasch and deKam explored the symbiotic relationship between sound and image in a live, improvisational context. Sonic and visual expressions are based on a unified logical structure, their processes influencing each other through a network link, a pair of vectors juxtaposed.

Constant exchange between the performers and their software agents characterize the presence and interaction as much in the digital domain as in the physical + gestural space. Their open, networked system stimulates flexiblity and surprise as key elements of each real-time performance.
We toured throughout Europe & North America between 2001 and 2003. Both artists wrote there own custom software in Max/MSP, each designed to exchange control parameters over a local network, creating a kind of iterative feedback loop (sound controlling video controlling sound etc).
The visual performance always included a small set of objects/props shot with two cameras and hand controlled LED lighting. A microphone was trained on the ‘puppet set’ which would be used as a source for audio sampling and manipulation.

dyad banner

SONAR Festival Barcelona, Spain
PLACARD Headphone Festival - Barcelona, Spain

July 31 - Troy, NY - 623 River Street
Aug 2nd - Montreal - SAT
Aug 4th - Toronto - BigBop
Aug 8th - NYC - The Bunker
Aug 9th - North Adams, MA - CAC

June - July

Milky Star Boat - Barcelona, Spain
Hyperwerk- Basel, Switzerland
Galvanik - Zug, Switzerland
Rhiz - Vienna, Austria
Podewil - Berlin, Germany
V2 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Viper21 Festival for Film Video and New Media, - Basel, Switzerland
ECHT!ZEIT Festival - Basel, Switzerland