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Codespace Gesture

Performances with wearable gestural controllers, live audio-visual abstract motion graphics and electronics sounds.

Excerpts from Festivals such as "Vilette Numérique", Paris 2002, "Club Transmediale", Berlin 2004, "La Casa Encendida", Madrid 2005, "SonicActs", Amsterdam, "Sonar", Barcelona
Generative audio-visual processes using custom built software

Codespace Gesture (2005) from jasch on Vimeo. jasch 2005 - 2010
motion images from the exhibition "Abstraction Now" – Künstlerhaus Vienna, 2003 © jasch 2003-2010

visual and sonic symbolics

"codespace" integrates realtime drawing and motion-images with electronic sounds that evoke an abstract place where organical and crystalline shapes pulsate and flow. generative (rule-based) processes or algorithms and realtime action by the artist are applied to basic shapes which in conjuction with finely graded colours comprise a rich palette of textures and shapes.

Empty dark space is inhabited by fast moving abstract shapes, structures with an architectural quality develop over extended periods of time. the piece evolves from dark and minimalist atmospheres to abstract densities, like a digital painting performed before the the viewer's eyes. memory of the images accumulates, obtaining qualities like a painting or etching. reduction and concentration of elements helps to maintain the crucial focus, build the tension and give insights into the enigmatic and invisible world built of code. the lines of flight lead to explorations on shape and colour, choreographic movements and subaquatic flows, plays of lights and surfaces.

Coming from a background of improvised music and composed contemporary soundscapes, jasch applies processes to images in much the same way as he does with music. texturing and layering, temporal evolving structures and brief flashes of light play an important role in this abstract visual flow which oscillates and vibrates with a certain musical quality. the interplay between autonomous processes, algorithms and real-time gestural interaction through physical interfaces affects the composition of the pieces deeply. no element is completely prepared or preproduced. the resulting images are surprising, sensuous, sometimes erratic, always with an edge to them.


"stunningly beautiful"
gideon kiers – media artist – curator sonicacts festival, amsterdam

"jasch's forbidden planet"
chris musgrave – media artist – curator recombinant media labs, san francisco

"Codespace (aka Jasch) has without a doubt been one of the big surprises of the festival. The swiss musician with a background in contemporary music has integrated real-time graphics with moving images creating a three-dimensional geometric-sonic space of great sensiblity."
marco altavilla - decibel - sound art e musica elettronica

Perfromance dates between 2002 and 2006:

03/11/2006, connecting media, Conference & Festival, Hamburg (D) [+]      
01/10/2006, electrofringe, TINA festival, Newcastle (AUS) [+]
27/04/2006, forum neues musiktheater, stuttgart (D) [+]
23/02/2006, making new waves festival, budapest (HU) [+]
27/10/2005, ICST inauguration festival, zurich (CH) [+]
30/09/2005, visual ex festival, la casa encendida, madrid (ES) [+]
17/07/2005, 5 days off festival, amsterdam (NL) [+]
14/04/2005, forum neues musiktheater, stuttgart (D) [+]
16/11/2004, live-cinema, rotterdam (NL) [+]
30/10/2004, maiis festval, brussels (BE) [+]
24/09/2004, sonicacts festival, amsterdam (NL) [+]
13/06/2004, IMAL, centre dansaert, brussels (BE) [+]
30/04/2004, elefanten-mixtur - usine - geneva (CH) [+]
01/02/2004, club transmediale festival - maria am ostbahnhof - berlin (D) [+]
23/01/2004, 21.02.2004 codespace visuals shown at sketch gallery - london (GB) [+]
08/03/2003, 09.03.2003 codespace visuals in exhibition 'abstraction now' at the künstlerhaus - vienna (A) [+]
08/11/2002, elefanten-mixtur - usine - geneva (CH) [+]
26/09/2002, vilette numérique - maison de la villette - paris (F) [+]
30/05/2002, phonotaktik02 - electronic music festival - location VI - vienna (A) [+]
19/04/2002, numer02 interactive design conference - centre pompidou / ircam - paris (F) [+]